You can help us shed light on Lewy Body Dementia and become an advocate for change. Remove the social stigma associated with dementia. Learn the symptoms that indicate a loved one may have LBD or another dementia disease, and what to say to encourage them to seek medical help. Find resources here.

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Come and see SUE’S STORY, an award-winning documentary.
Stay for a Q&A with experts.
Bring family and friends.
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Every 3 seconds someone is diagnosed with dementia. The average life expectancy from diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) is 6-9 years.

Learn about LBD, how it fits into the spectrum of dementia diseases, and the challenges for researchers and physicians.

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SUE’S STORY connects with people and organizations across the country who want a better future in which dementia can be treated or cured.

Share your story. Let us know how dementia has affected your life, and what you’d like to do to make an impact in your community.

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What you can do to shed light on Dementia and become an advocate for change.

Know the symptoms to look for, and what to say whey a loved one is struggling with mental and physical changes. How to say no to social stigma. Learn more.

The Sue’s Story Project is made possible by donations and grants through the Morgan Hill Community Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit. Donate online here. Donate by mail to the Lewy Body Dementia Awareness & Research Fund (LBD A&R Fund), Morgan Hill Community Foundation, PO Box 1974, Morgan Hill CA 95038.