To Our Healthcare Partners Who Provide Dementia Care

To Our Doctors and Nurses

Our heartfelt prayers go out to you in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can only imagine the challenges of vetting and training emergency healthcare reserves, waiting for lab results, coping with equipment and medication shortages, weighing difficult options to save lives, and maintaining a calm, positive demeanor through it all.

We know that caring for patients with dementia adds an extra layer of complexity. Especially when care teams are flooded with emergency cases. We also know that patient isolation, while necessary, makes palliative care and family support incredibly difficult.

We want to crush this pandemic, and soon. If we’ve learned anything from the coronavirus, it’s the need for preparedness and prevention. You have taught us that the same is true with the dementia crisis—every family will be touched by it at some point. You have encouraged us to talk about it with our families and our physicians, and to have a life plan in place before dementia asserts itself into our lives. We hear you, and we will carry this message to our community. Thank you.

Wishing you resilience and hope,

The Sue’s Story Project Team
Chuck and Sue Berghoff and Robin Shepherd