Prioritizing Patient Care

Lewy body dementia is the second leading cause of progressive dementia. Lewy body pathology was first described more than a century ago, and yet it is still not well known or fully understood in terms of its cause, diagnosis or treatment. It is related to Parkinson’s disease and is often found in cases of mixed dementia that include Alzheimer’s disease. Increasingly, researchers point out that because LBD is often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, some people living with LBD may receive improper treatment or no treatment. LBD-specific education and training is desperately needed to advance the science and the care provided to people with LBD and their caregivers.
By attending CME/CE programs, health care professionals will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve understanding of Lewy body dementia and ability to identify symptoms;
  • Gain knowledge of recommended steps to arrive at a differential diagnosis;
  • Consider approach to discussing prognosis and treatment options with patient and family caregiver;
  • Identify and refer specialists when indicated to address patients’ complex dementia care needs.

Workshops for Health Care Providers

We work with physicians, nurses, care coordinators and administrators in a variety of health care disciplines and settings. Our programs are tailored to requirements for Continuing Medical Education/ Continuing Education programs.

How We Work With You

  1. Collaborate on goal-setting based on your health care system objectives for Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Education programs.
  2. Design presentation agenda and workflow.
  3. Invite guest speaker(s) with relevant expertise.
  4. Collaborate with guest speakers to provide learning objectives and expected outcomes as well as presentation content.
  5. Serve as presentation moderator if needed.

The Sue’s Story Project offers dementia education workshops, including film screenings, free of charge to public and private health care systems including hospitals and clinics.

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