Prioritizing Education

Dementia is a global public health crisis. Every 3 seconds, someone is diagnosed with dementia. Over 50 million people are living with dementia today, and this number is expected to surpass 150 million by 2050. Education is the critical first step in overcoming this crisis.

By learning about dementia during their academic years, young adults can:

  • Understand the growing challenge that dementia places on public health and social service systems and the communities they serve;
  • Recognize common symptoms of dementia and how they hinder the ability to function in everyday life;
  • Develop compassion for people living with dementia and break the stigma associated with it; and
  • Envision how they can have a positive impact on dementia in their future careers and personal lives.

Online Seminars for Student Learning and Engagement

We work closely with faculty at colleges and universities, offering a turnkey program to maximize their participation as educators and minimize their time spent on planning and logistics.

How We Work With You

  1. Invite a faculty member to participate in the seminar.
  2. Review your student learning objectives and align our seminar with objectives.
  3. Recruit and prepare guest speakers for a moderated discussion with supporting content.
  4. Design seminar workflow and student feedback survey.
  5. Moderate panel discussion followed by Q&A with students.
  6. Produce student feedback survey report.
  7. Collaborate with university to create co-branded content for pre- and post-seminar outreach.


“…today’s seminar was really inspiring because we were able to hear Sue’s story and learn about Lewy body dementia. Not many people know about this condition and it is really important to spread awareness so more people know about it and more research can be funded and carried out to find a cure.” –Erika Rivera, Nursing Student, The Valley Foundation School of Nursing at SJSU

“I want to know more. I want to advocate for Lewy body dementia awareness.” –Katherine Fhurong, CNA Student, Gavilan College

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation of Lewy body dementia. This ‘deep dive’ into the disease process, management and impact of LBD upon family and caregivers was made real by your personal and professional presentations. I think our students will not forget their important role as educator and advocate for the LBD patient.” –Tim Frank, Nurse Faculty, Cabrillo College

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