Caregiver Community

Training is a Priority

The rise of dementia is creating tremendous demand for both paid and informal/family caregivers. Currently, both the home care industry and family caregivers lack sufficient awareness of and access to dementia care training resources.

People with Lewy body dementia struggle with cognitive, behavioral and motor symptoms, and a progressive decline in their ability to perform activities of daily living. They may experience confusion, difficulties with language and memory, agitation, hallucinations, depression and other symptoms. Providing care and support is difficult when normal ways of communicating and reasoning are no longer effective. These challenges can also disrupt the emotional bond between care recipient and care giver. When caregivers become overwhelmed, whether their caregiving role is professional or informal, their health and well-being suffer.

By learning about Lewy body dementia and building new caregiving skills, caregivers can:

  • Recognize common LBD symptoms, stages and progression;
  • Apply new skills to respond to the care recipient’s needs;
  • Advocate for the care recipient with family and care team; and
  • Develop self-awareness and practice self-care.

Workshops for Caregivers

We work with caregiving service providers, memory care centers, senior centers and the family caregivers they support. Our programs are tailored to partner requirements and goals. We maximize partner participation while minimizing their time spent on event planning and logistics.

How We Work with You

  1. Collaborate on workshop goals based on your organization’s objectives for caregiver education.
  2. Design agenda and workflow.
  3. Recruit guest speakers with relevant expertise and prepare them to participate in a moderated panel discussion.
  4. Collaborate on workshop content and audience outreach.
  5. Moderate workshop panel discussion and audience.
  6. Develop and conduct audience survey and provide survey results.

The Sue’s Story Project offers dementia education workshops, including film screenings, free of charge to caregiver service providers, memory care centers and public health agencies.

Interested in hosting a workshop for your organization? Send inquiries to